donderdag 22 juli 2010

Elizabeth George / Lichaam van de dood

Mooi zo, weer een nieuw boek van Elizabeth George.
Het 16e over Lynley en Havers.
Het zijn de laatste tijd telkens wel steeds dikkere pillen maar ze blijft toch een van mijn favoriete thrillerschrijfsters.

Thomas Lynley is on compassionate leave after the savage murder of his wife, and his replacement at the Met is Isabelle Ardery. A body has been discovered in an Islington Cemetery, and it is up to Isabelle to crack the case. She is particularly keen to do so, discerning that results in this area would be very good for her career. But the Met has been going through a very bad patch, and a series of well-publicised disasters have left the force in very bad odour. The media is studying the Met with forensic attention, and Isabelle cannot afford to fail. She realises that she needs Lynley's team (fiercely loyal to their boss, notably the highly capable Barbara Havers), and -- most of all -- she needs the still-grieving Thomas Lynley himself. But can he be persuaded to break off from his compassionate leave?
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